Customer Reviews

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Velixa's skin care products are exceptional. I recommend them to my patients.
Dr. Robert Rosado,
Dermatologist - New York

Some people may doubt the claims made by Velixa. I was a skeptic until I tried the product line about 6 months ago. I must say, the line is exceptional and I'm now a devoted customer.”
Sara L.
New York

“My dermatologist examined me for the first time in two years. He told me that my skin looked beautiful - Then he asked what products do I use. I told him… Velixa.”
New York

“I work in the skincare industry. Velixa's formulas do not contain irritating ingredients like some other brands, but the products deliver what they promise! The whole line of Velixa is phenomenal. Fine lines are reduced and my skin feels firmer with an overall youthful glow. Highly recommended! ”
Beverly Hills, Calf.

“One of the few products that fundamentally changed the way I think about skin care. I purchased the entire line. I look and feel fantastic.”
Palm Beach, FL.


Wrinkle Treatment Serum

“Terrific Brand” the “Wrinkle Treatment Serum” is an amazing product. I use it at night and when I wake in the morning, my complexion is soft, hydrated, and smooth.”
New York

“I began using Velixa's “Wrinkle Treatment Serum” two weeks ago and WOW! My skin looks and feels healthier. My wrinkles have softened and are less noticeable. I look younger and rested. Thank you Velixa! ”
Silvia J.

I started using the “Wrinkle Treatment Serum” one week ago and have seen impressive results, I find that my skin is more supple and my facial lines have smoothed... I also love the way my skin drinks in this light but luxurious solution.


Lift and Erase

“Before I go out for the evening, I use Velixa's “Lift and Erase” before applying my make up. I recommend this product to any one who needs an instant -WOW! I also love the 71 Mineral Mist/Toner for hydration on the go…” P.K.
New York

“Lift and Erase is the instant 'pick me up' product when your skin to wake up. Trust me, you will look AMAZING! In five minutes. ”
Danielle G.
New York


Eye Enhance

“I like this eye cream very much. I use it for soothing and De-puffing around my eyes. Its light and it is absorbed easily. Great eye cream!”
New York

“When it comes to my eyes, I'm picky. Velixa's “Eye Enhance” is my choice. I am 48, and my eyes are still in there 30's. Thanks, Velixa!”
Chicago, IL

“I have used “Eye Enhance” for a little over four months now and I cant live without it. I've used many different eye creams in the past, but this one is perfect for me.”
Houston TX.

“This calming eye cream smoothes my fine lines and delivers the perfect amount of moisture. It serves as the perfect base before make-up application. It's a very beautiful product.”
New York


Wrinkle Correction Cream

“I use your Wrinkle “Protection cream” and “Eye Enhance” religiously. I love the deep moister without the greasy feel. I just tried the lift and Erase with dramatic results. Velixa is a superb”

“Velixa’s “Wrinkle correction Cream” is a classic beauty product. I look five years younger.

Velixa’s “Wrinkle Correction Cream” makes my skin feel very soft. I love its rich texture. I purchased the product to reduce my wrinkles but my skin tone has also improved dramatically.”
Silvia S.


“What a beautiful silky texture, like a cloud. I love the deep, penetrating non-greasy moisture. It softens my skin and gives it a beautiful glow. It's terrific. I apply it in the morning and at night, even around my eyes. I have noticed a significant reduction in my fine lines. My skin tens to be on the dry side, but with this cream I know longer have that problem.”


Restorative Calming Mask

“This is a great treatment. After a 20 min. session, my face was moisturized, cleansed and relaxed. It's definitely worth the time.”

“This hydrating mask is a wonderful treatment. It's also an excuse to slow down,relax and indulge. After the treatment my skin looked incredible! – Really! I highly recommend it."
New York

"This mask is a great calming treatment for skin. It's like getting a spa facial. After the treatment my skin is moisturized and rejuvenated! I highly recommend it!”
Lisa Peart.
New York


71 Mineral Mist/Toner

“Love this refreshing mist! I keep it in my purse and use it throughout the day keep my skin moisturized. It's a must have!!!! ”
J Joana
Miami, Fl.

“This product is perfect for relieving dryness in hot/dry climates. It's convenient and easy to use and is a lifesaver for me.”
Sacramento Calf.

“An instant lunch “pick me up” with a cup of latte coffee.”
New York

“I take it with me everywhere! Especially on the plane! I also love this cooling mist by the pool. It's refreshing and nourishing.”

“I bring this cooling mist with me in a cooler on the beach. It's wonderful!”
Santa Monica, Calf.